Microsoft Office Excel 2013

PivotTables and PivotCharts

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Microsoft Office Excel 2013 PivotTables & Pivot Charts

Table of Contents

Introduction 4

Learning Objectives 4

PivotTables 5

Creating PivotTables 5

Analyzing Data with PivotTables 8

Filtering the PivotTable 9

PivotCharts 11

Creating PivotCharts 11

Filtering the PivotChart 14

Using Slicers to Filter Data 16

Inserting Slicers into your PivotTable or PivotChart 16

Additional Slicer Options 18

Additional Help 19



This booklet is the companion document to the Excel 2013: PivotTables and Pivot Charts workshop. The booklet will explain PivotTables and Pivot Charts, how to create them, and how to use them to quickly analyze large quantities of data.

Learning Objectives

After completing the instructions in this booklet, you will be able to: