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Scope of MS Excel and its Advance Features !!!!

Microsoft Excel Is A Program Which Comes Under Ms Office. It Is A Spread Sheet Application Where Calculation And Mathematical Work Are Done Using Formulas. Spread Sheet Files Are Known As Workbooks Where We Can Store Data And Work. Each Worksheet Can Contain Many Sheets We Can Organize Various Kinds Of Related Information In A Single File. Simple Formula Such As Using Sum Can Be Add Row & Column Very Easily, While More Complicated Formulas Using IF Statements Can Compare Different Values And Then Will Insert Appropriate Results.


Excel Has Feature That Would Help Make My Projects In A Better Way. These Features Are Prescribed Below. Formulas. Comment Cell Shading. Cell Validation. Insert Picture. Conditional Formulas. Pivot Table. Charts(Graphical Representation Of Data). Dragging Functions. Goal Seek. Trim. Today(Shows The Date). Concatenate. Merge. Cell Style. Sort & Filter. Find & Replace. Font Colour. Borders(Draw ,Erase Borders)

Fill Colour. Numbers($,%, Decimals Which Can Be Decreased Or Increased Depending On Requirement Up To 2 Place). Alignments (Centre, Left Right). Page Layouts Data.

Importance and Its Scope:-

Nowadays In Strenuous Work Environment Every Small Or Big Organization Wants To Adapt To Low Cost Efficient Mechanism Aiming At Error Less Calculation, Maintaining Data Of Companies, Daily Transactions Etc. In The Aforesaid Situation Excel Help Us In Storing Data, Doing Calculation With Desirable Result. By Using Excel Our Time Is Saved. Its Cope Is Wide Depending How Excel Is Used. It Makes Our Work Easy. This Wonderful Application Can Be Learned By Kids, Housewives, Professionals Etc. There Is Demand For Qualified Professional In Job Markets. Students Can Work In Offices, MNC’s After Completing The Course Computer Literacy Has Greater Scope For Employment In Different Sectors. Computer Has Become Part Of Our Daily Life. There Are Many Institutes Offering Advanced Excel Training, This Training Is Also Helpful In MIS Course Offered By Various MIS Training Institute

MS Excel Has Many Advantages And Advance Excel Has Many Advanced Level Advantages To Those Who Are Working With Multinational Companies Using Various Advanced Excel Formulas And Functions While Preparing MIS Reports For Their Organization Excel Is Widely Used To Create Financial Statements, As Well As Many Other Types Of Financial Reports, Such As Budget, Forecast, Cash Flow, Ratio Analysis, Financial Modelling, Business Scenario and various other reports that help business to present its performance in realistic manner. MS Excel users around the world use this program inefficiently by creating too many workbooks, preparing complicated reports that contain too many links between workbooks awhile using formulas, MIS reports like balance sheets profit and loss account trial balance.


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Advanced Features of Ms-Excel. Advanced Excel course also enables the student and working professional to utilize, the advanced features taught in this course in an office environment with maximum efficiency.


Formulas & Macros Formulas:

  • Use the Function Wizard, Common functions
  • Nested functions , Name cells /ranges /constants
  • Relative, Absolute, Mixed cell references : >,<,= operators
  • Logical functions using IF, AND, OR, NOT
  • The LOOKUP function , Date and time functions , Annotating formulas

DATA Analysis :

  •  Sub Total Reports, Auto Filter
  • Password Protecting Worksheets
  • Linking Multiple Sheets
  • Sheet Referencing
  • Linking Between Word/Excel/Ppt


  •  What-if-analysis
  • Reporting
  • Character Functions
  • Date Functions
  • Age Calculations
  • Consolidation of Data
  • Data Validation


  •  Enter the Pivot Table Data
  • Create the Pivot Table
  • Adding Data to the Pivot Table
  • Filtering the Pivot Table Data
  • Change the Pivot Table Data
  • Analyze Data Columns in Pivot Tables
  • Adjust Data to Analyze

MACRO’S ( Int ) :

  •  Macros
  • Definition and use, Record a macro
  • Assign a macro, Run a macro
  • Store a macro, Introduction to VBA Prog.

Develop the Worksheet :

  •  Plan a worksheet , Row and Column labels
  • Split worksheet /box /bar, Copy data and formulas
  • Display /move toolbars , Enhance worksheet Appearance

Special Operations :

  •  Use multiple windows : Copy/ paste between Worksheets
  • Link worksheets , Consolidate worksheets
  • Import and link from other Applications
  • Use AutoFormat : Create, use and modify styles and templates
  • Print features : Create /edit an outline
  • Graphic Operations:
  • Create charts , Enhance charts, Drawing toolbar features

Excel Formula Crash Course…..

Who is this course for?

If you use MS Excel to do data analysis, reporting, day to day tracking or project management then this is the right course for you. If you struggle with formulas or not sure which formula to use for any given occasion, then this is the perfect course for you. We will be introducing more than 40 different formulas with 100s of examples in this course. As we will be using realistic data & examples, you can very quickly apply the same to your day to day work and do so much more with ease & confidence.

What are the topics of this course?

This course has 6 topics or modules. See below:

Course Contents - Excel Formula Crash Course