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How to Send free bulk text sms from excel sheet – Unlimited

Good News! You can send unlimited text messages from your excel sheet without any limitation. No software required. No Installation required. No Setup required.

Just enable Excel Macros and ready to send unlimitd SMS from excel sheet in one click.

Click here to Download SMS sender and use for your personal purpose. We have pro sheet if you are sending message for busssiness. 

Stay connected with your clients or associates. Send SMS online from your excel sheet. No Software required to be installed on your machine. Carry your business even on wheels.

Step 1: Open free-bulk-sms-sender-sheet-99excel-dotcom Sheet.

Step 2. Enable excel macros before using sheet if it was not done before.

Step 3. Copy and paste special your mobile number data base (without country code).

Step 4. Click on Setting and put Message provider link, API, Sending ID and Mobile Number.

Step 5. Change the Message Template Serial number as per choice.

Click on Send Messages. Done.


Our team have made this sheet to use any one who can’t afford extra cost to buy software. If you are sending more than 100 messages in once than we recommend you please use our pro sheet only.

If any query, please write us on : OR Call /WhatsApp : +91 9654421288

Download link page:

Team – 99Excel.Com