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Technology:Excel - Vba
Level:Excel Vba Advanced
Audience(s):Advanced skills
Language(s):English and Hindi
Training method:Classroom
Course Duration:15 Days
Class Duration:2 Hours
Fee:INR 7000


A high proficiency of Microsoft Excel is essential, or completion of our 15 days Visual basic Excel course. VBA is short for Visual Basics for Applications. This is the standard Macro language used in most Microsoft Office products. The word "Applications" can represent any one of the Office products it is used within eg; Excel, Access etc.

The purpose of VBA is to enable programmers to customise and extend the functionality of the Application in which it is used. The VBA we will be talking about in training will be VBA for Excel. While the VBA language is generally the same throughout other Applications, their Object model can differ significantly.

You can use Visual Basic for Applications to write macros in Excel, or other Microsoft Office apps. Macros are programs that can be used to perform an action repetitively.

After completing this course, students will be able to: Insert the course objectives in a bulleted list with periods. For example.

working with procedures and functions

understanding objects

Using expressions, variables and intrinsic functions

Visual Basic Programming & Dashboard Preparation.

Variables, Arrays, Constants, Data Types, Modules, Functions and subroutines, Decisions and Looping
Strings and Functions and Message Boxes, Operators, Debugging, Errors and the Error Function, Dialogs
Common Dialog Control, Command Bars and Buttons, Excel Object Model, Object Model--Main Objects
Business tool objects, Charts and Graphs, Working with Databases, Calls, Class Modules, Pivot Tables
Details into Comments, Calculating a Range, Reversing a Label, Who Created the Workbook, Evaluating a Cell
Sorting Worksheets into Alphabetical Order, Replacing Characters in a String, Timed Events, Auto-Totaling a Matrix of Numbers
Absolute and Relative Formulas, Cells Containing Formulas, Alternate Rows and Columns of the Spreadsheet,
Changing a Range of Values, Cells by Reference to a Master Cell, Hidden Sheets Without a Password.

Students are advised to refer and read the microsoft learning forum to learn further.

Microsoft Excel is important because it is the basic spreadsheet program used in Windows, which means a large number of computers in the world use it.    -V. Maurya ❞
Microsoft Excel knowledge is a basic need to used in almost all offices and its The world's most powerful business tool.     -Akumar ❞

Schedule for a Demo Class to Find Out how we Teach!

Schedule for a Demo Class to Find Out how we Teach!

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