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Free download dashboards

Download free amazing and ready to use dashboards!
Download free amazing and ready to use dashboards!

Send free unlimited whatsapp message from Excel

You can send unlimited whatsApp messages from your whatsApp number to anyone using Excel. You can send single message to WhatsApp user OR you can send unique message to WhatsApp user. It is free. No API required. This is a simple excel sheet, not a software. One click to send all messages though automation. There is No limitation of text. There is no limitation of country code. There is no limitation of contact Numbers. Message will not be delivered to unregistered Number whatsApp. You can send messages in any language. Send messages any country user. No matter to find unregistered users. Product support Window/IOS version. Product shall be used only on Google Chrome. Enable excel macros before using sheet.

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

Send bulk text sms from excel sheet (Using API)

You can send unlimited text messages from your excel sheet without any limitation. No software required. No Installation required. No Setup required. Just enable Excel Macros and ready to send unlimited SMS from excel sheet in one click. Download SMS sender and use for your personal purpose. We have pro sheet if you are sending message for business. Call +91 9654421288 or Mail: support@99excel.com.

SMS API Price + Excel Sender Software in just INR 500 Buy Now
No of Messages Price Expiry
5000 1700 LifeTime
10000 3500 LifeTime
25000 7500 LifeTime
50000 12500 LifeTime

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Send bulk email from outlook using excel (100% Inbox delivery)

Download Mail sender in Excel using outlook with multiple recipients. sending email to a list of recipients using excel and outlook. excel vba send email to multiple recipients, send multiple emails from excel list, sending email to a list of recipients using excel and outlook. Features: mail preview in outlook, send with attachment, send unlimited, email from excel, send without attachment, CC, BCC.


Complete Payroll Calculation Software in Excel 100% Free

Download automated Salary Tax Calculator along plus 15 other Features - Income Tax Calculator for FY 2019-20 [AY 2020-21] - Excel Download.
Features :
- Cost to company Automatic
- Restructuring of allowances and CTC components
- Income Tax : Investment Declaration / Proofs Planning
- House rent allowance ( HRA Rent Exemption calculation)
- Option to add / less : PF (Employees Provident Fund), Employment State Insurance Scheme ( ESIS), Gratuity, Mediclaim, any other benefit, Bonus, Minwages.
- Se-off loss / income from house property u/s 24(b) of Income Tax Act.
- Reimbursement components bills Planning
- Get Net payment Automatically
- Generate salary pay slip from CTC and change payslip in excel as needs.
- salary slip logo editable.
- any month salary slip from excel format
- Free download


Create individual pdf files from mail merge

Download word macro vba code for creating individual pdf files as per excel cells value from Merging to Individual fields from excel and save field wise in different folder as per user.word mail merge save individual documents pdf, word mail merge to pdf filename, vba code convert mail merge documents to individual pdf docs, Macro to split mailmerge files into seperate PDF files, Macro to split mail merge file into individual pdf documents.


Split a workbook

Download split excel sheet into multiple files based on column value and save it to a folder. Macro to Split 1 worksheet to Multiple Excel Files, VBA: Split data into multiple worksheets based on column, VBA split data into different files based on column by Vba Code, Macro to split one file into many based on criteria using Pivot table.


Data entry form in excel

Download excel data entry form Using a Data Entry Form and save data in sheet by Vba code. Using Excel's built in data entry form is a quick and easy way to enter data into an Excel database with conditions so that an user can't save data twice.

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Code for move files one folder another

Download a vba excel macro to move files from one folder to another as per cells value. excel vba copy files from list,excel vba copy files from one folder to another, Move Files from One Location to Another Folder Direcory in Excel VBA.


Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

Download free booklet for PivotTables. This booklet is the companion document to the Excel 2013: PivotTables and Pivot Charts workshop. The booklet will explain PivotTables and Pivot Charts, how to create them, and how to use them to quickly analyze large quantities of data.


Buy All Time Best Excel-VBA Dashboards:-

Excel Sheet Password Breaker Export Email from Outlook to Excel Get Comments to in cell text and text to comments in excel Move any type files in any folder as per excel data Save a sheet back-up automatic when you want Export Excel data in to HTML Convert any date or Time Zone to another Timezone Send mails from excel through outlook with separate or common attachment (s) Bulk Email Validation In Vba Excel PDF Merger - Merge unlimited PDFs in one pdf file automatic Net in-hand automatic salary calculator in excel Merge excel files data in one sheet from multiple files automatic Set password in PDF files as per excel database separately with master password Rename or get all list of files from a folder and change the name as per sheet data automatic Excel formula to Get Numeric From alphabet Cells Payroll and CTC calculation as per Indian rules with all features along with payslip automatic Separate data from sheet in separate sheets or files Convertor for jpg,png data in excel or PDF, Images file convert in PDF file Attendance system in Excel for local drive for unlimited users Language converter - translate any language excel data in English by formula Protect or Unprotect All Files In A Folder automatic as per sheet data Create PDF from word using mail merge from excel automatic VBA Project Password Breaker Export HTML data in to Excel Generate unlimited website pages automatic from excel

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