Send email from excel vba – send free emails from excel with attachments using outlook and without outlook smtp – email marketing software

Are you looking free bulk email marketing software? YES! you are at right place. We have developed a Microsoft excel sheet using vba code to send bulk email with individual (separate) file to every recipient.

Following are main features:-

  1. It is free without any expiry date.
  2. You can send unlimited emails.
  3. You can use multipal email accounts.
  4. You can use Official Email or free email account e.g. Gmail.
  5. You can send any file as attachment.
  6. You can send conman file to all.
  7. You can send individual file e.g. pdf, word etc. for recipient.
  8. It is simple excel sheet, no other software and settings required.
  9. You can send email using outlook.
  10. You can send email using smtp (without outlook).
  11. You can customize subject of email for every recipient.
  12. You can customize Email First line for recipient.
  13. You can customize title for recipient.
  14. Fully automatic and only 1 click to go.

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