How to Combine Two Columns’ Data into One Column in Excel

How to combine data from two columns into one column in Excel using the IFERROR and INDEX functions Have you ever needed to merge data from two separate columns into a single column? This task can be incredibly useful when you want to consolidate related information or create a unified list. In this guide, we’ll … Read more

Introducing Python in Excel

🚀 Exciting News: Python Integration in Microsoft Excel! 📢 Microsoft has taken a giant leap towards enhancing data analysis and automation with the integration of Python directly into Excel. 🐍📊 Python, the versatile programming language known for its data manipulation and analysis capabilities, is now seamlessly accessible within Excel. This powerful combination empowers users to … Read more

How to Create Your Own Excel Formulas to Utilize chatGPT’s Magic

=CHAT_GPT(A1) Intro:Excel’s potential stretches far beyond traditional spreadsheets. It can evolve into a personalized tool that caters to your unique needs. One exciting route to tailor your Excel experience is by crafting your own formulas with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). In this guide, we’ll embark on a journey of concocting custom Excel formulas that … Read more

how to extract text from images using excel vba with Tesseract OCR

In below video, I have explained and give you vba visual basic application code to convert all bulk images text into Excel sheet using google Tesseract OCR. Please watch full video and understood all requirement and follow the steps. Contact me for any further support and projects: Click here to contact me Follow the following … Read more

Google Data Extractor in Excel

Google Data Extractor in Excel using VBA Automtion. Extract direct contact details of professionals, business owners, social media users etc. Type your desired keyword & location to download thousands of contacts details to Excel. Save to Excel files. Best data scraper. Scrape business, supplier. Scraper extracts data out of map pages and into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets The most extensive Google Maps business extractor tool to create actionable lists  from Google … Read more

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Create and Install an Excel Add-in from VBA -Tutorial

In this video, you will learn how to create and install an Excel add-ins from VBA. Simple copy and paste below code in your VBA project in any module and save it add-ins file. Tags: How do you create Excel add in using VBA? Click the File tab. Click on ‘Save As’. In the Save … Read more

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WhatsApp Chatbot in Excel for Business

Today, Millions of WhatsApp Chabot’s succeeding in the business field. People have realized the benefits of using apps to connect with brands. WhatsApp is the top best platform to market products, brands, and services. WhatsApp Chatbot Enables to assist customers on their preferred platform which they use daily. It supports the customers to respond to … Read more

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Trusted Location in Excel

If you are Excel VBA user and you don’t know about Trusted Location setting, You missed something more even you may be in trouble. You should use a trusted location to store a file when you don’t want that file to be checked by the Trust Center, or if you don’t want it to open … Read more

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