WhatsApp Chatbot in Excel for Business

Today, Millions of WhatsApp Chabot’s succeeding in the business field. People have realized the benefits of using apps to connect with brands. WhatsApp is the top best platform to market products, brands, and services.

WhatsApp Chatbot Enables to assist customers on their preferred platform which they use daily. It supports the customers to respond to questions right away. The real-time confirmations are possible with instant answers to the customers’ questions.

Best WhatsApp Chatbot for Business without API created in Excel

I have developed a VBA code in Excel sheet, using this Excel you can connect your any whatsApp number via web whatsapp login to automate your chat. Click here to Buy WhatsApp Chatbot

Below are Features which are already build in Excel Automation:-

  • Fully automatic.
  • One time login via chrome browser.
  • Simple Excel sheet, No API and software required.
  • Build using VBA Google Chrome Driver – Called Selenium.
  • Unlimited user Chat.
  • Unlimited Quiz.
  • Unlimited Auto Chat.
  • Reply with Calculation.
  • Use any language.
  • Quick reply.
  • Automatic save user chat and number history in Excel.
  • Make your own input/output (Question / Answer)
  • Create knowledgeable quiz.
  • Create education MCQ quiz.
  • Create auto chat for customer support.
  • Create auto chat for online shopping.
  • Collect payment online.
  • Send Certificate of Quiz result on passing.
  • Live Search Result from Google on basis of Keywords.
  • Much more……..
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Auto Chat Sheet Screen

Chat History