Advance Excel Training

Introductory Topics    

Getting started
• Topic A: Spreadsheet terminology
• Topic B: Exploring the Excel window
• Topic C: Getting help
• Topic D: Navigating workbooks
Entering and editing data
• Topic A: Entering and editing text and values
• Topic B: Entering and editing formulas
• Topic C: Working with pictures
• Topic D: Saving and updating workbooks
Advanced functions
• Topic A: Logical functions
• Topic B: Math and statistical functions
• Topic C: Financial functions
• Topic D: Displaying and printing formulas
Lookups and data tables
• Topic A: Using lookup functions
• Topic B: Using MATCH and INDEX
• Topic C: Creating data tables
Advanced list management
• Topic A: Validating cell entries
• Topic B: Exploring database functions
PivotTables and PivotCharts
• Topic A: Working with PivotTables
• Topic B: Rearranging PivotTables
• Topic C: Formatting PivotTables
• Topic D: PivotCharts
Exporting and importing
• Topic A: Exporting and importing text files
• Topic B: Exporting and importing XML data
• Topic C: Querying external databases
Analytical options
• Topic A: Goal Seek and Solver
• Topic B: The Analysis ToolPak
• Topic C: Scenarios
• Topic D: Views
Macros and custom functions
• Topic A: Running and recording a macro
• Topic B: Working with VBA code
• Topic C: Creating functions
Conditional formatting and SmartArt
• Topic A: Conditional formatting with graphics
• Topic B: SmartArt graphics
Power User Topics

Advanced formulas, functions, and arrays
• Topic A: Text functions
• Topic B: Date and time functions
• Topic C: Information functions
• Topic D: Array formulas
Advanced editing and formatting
• Topic A: The Paste Special command
• Topic B: The Go To Special dialog box
• Topic C: Merging styles
• Topic D: Additional chart formatting
Analyzing and sharing information
• Topic A: Wizard add-ins
• Topic B: Solver models and reports
• Topic C: Statistical analysis tools
• Topic D: Embedding and linking
Advanced customization
• Topic A: Popular and Save options
• Topic B: Formulas options
• Topic C: Automating Excel
• Topic D: Advanced options